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German Shorthaired Pointer

The shorthaired is an all-purpose close-working gun dog that combines agility, power and endurance. It is square or slightly longer than tall; although it has a short back, it should stand over plenty of ground. It should have a clean-cut head, graceful outline, strong quarters and an athletic physique. The gait is smooth, light [...]

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German Wirehaired Pointer

A sturdily built hunter, the German wirehaired pointer should be able to hunt all day through all types of cover. It is slightly longer than it is tall, enabling the gait to be free and smooth. The weather-resistant, straight wiry coat is an essential breed characteristic. The outer coat is about 1 to 2 [...]

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Golden Retriever

The golden retriever is an athletic, strong dog, capable of carrying heavy game over land and water. For this, it needs a broad, powerful head with strong neck and well-developed fore- and hindquarters. It is just slightly longer than tall. The gait is smooth, powerful and ground-covering. The water-repellant coat is dense, with the [...]

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Gordon Setter

The heaviest of the setters, the Gordon is sturdily built with plenty of substance and bone. The suggestion should be one of strength and stamina rather than speed. It is square-proportioned, upstanding and stylish. The gait is bold, smooth and effortless, with head carried proudly and tail constantly flagging. The Gordon setter carries a [...]

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Great Dane

This regal breed combines great size and power with elegance. It is square-proportioned and well-balanced. Its gait is strong and powerful with long, easy strides. These attributes are necessary in a dog required to overtake and then over-power relatively swift but formidable quarry. Its coat is short, thick and glossy. The Great Dane is [...]

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The ultimate running dog, the greyhound is built for speed. Its long legs and arched back enable it to contract and stretch maximally while executing the double-suspension gallop. It has tremendous muscle mass and light legs, further enhancing speed. The feet are long and narrow, giving maximum leverage. The long tail serves as a [...]

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