As a dog owner in the USA you will be considered by Insurance companies as high liability high risk clients.

This is due to the startling fact that every year there are over 5 million incidents involving dog bites with dog owners being liable for injury claims amounting to millions and millions of dollars.

So, can having a dog affect homeowners insurance – Yes it can!

Your standard Home Owners Insurance should include a liability coverage for your pets including protection against dog bite liability if you claim, however, you could be faced with higher Insurance premiums or an exclusion to your existing policy.

Some Insurance companies are imposing restrictions on dog bite or have instituted a “first bite” rule which allows the dog owner to claim for one dog bite only.

Other insurance companies have refused to provide insurance cover or insist on a liability waver for any dog breeds considered dangerous:

10 Most Dangerous Dog Breeds

Get Dog Owner Liability Insurance for a dangerous breed.

If your Home Insurance company refuses to cover you for your dog there are other options:
A canine liability policy: this is a policy written specifically for dog owners who are unable to obtain liability insurance or any other coverage for injuries, damages and losses caused by their dog(s). It is only available from a few Insurance companies in the USA


The newly formed Federation of Insured Dog Owners F.I.D.O also offer Canine liability Insurance policies for any breed of dog including all of those listed as dangerous dog breeds. F.I.D.O offer a unique policy providing affordable liability insurance for pet owners.