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How will American Shutdown effect national flood insurance?

American Shutdown effect Along term government shutdown would  however be a grave cause of concern to all of the American Insurance industry according to Charles Symington the Senior Vice President of external and government affairs for the Independent Insurance Agents and Brokers of America (Big “I”). Earlier this year, 2013 -  the American [...]

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Flood Proof House California

Summary: A built flood proof house prototype for flood zones worldwide: a building that remains intact after a major flood, tsunami, or sea level increase. A sustainable kit of parts with a prefab steel frame and local cladding materials is designed for both local customization and global application. Plug-in adaptability: [...]

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Is Flood Insurance Compulsory in all US states

Homeowners also have the option to buy flood insurance policies from private insurance companies. Following the new legislation governing the National flood insurance program Flooding and Flood Insurance has become a hot topic in America with many owners facing unaffordable rises in their insurance policies. Previously the National Insurance Flood Program subsidized [...]

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Changes to the US National Flood Insurance Program

Last year a new Flood Insurance reform act the 'Biggert-Waters Flood Insurance Reform Act 2012' (BW-12) was passed by US congress making changes to the US National Flood Insurance Program. This calls on the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) to implement a number of changes to the NFIP One of [...]

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You May Not Be Covered With All Perils Insurance

"ALL PERILS INSURANCE" MAY NOT COVER EARTHQUAKES, FLOODS, HURIRICANES, LANDSLIDES, SUBSIDENCE OR EXPANSIVE SOILS. Very Misleading In an interesting article published on Geology.com King finds the "all perils insurance" very misleading and feels that home owners should be made aware of these exclusions and given the option to choose "named [...]

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