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Combining Home and Pet Insurance Policies Can Save You Money

In 2013 pet owners were hit with routine and emergency veterinarian bills of over 26 million dollars and increasingly homeowners are buying pet insurance to cover unexpected medical care and ongoing treatments for their beloved animals. In the past home and pet insurance meant two different policies but now some insurers are offering [...]

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Can having a dog affect homeowners insurance?

So, can having a dog affect homeowners insurance - Yes it can! Your standard Home Owners Insurance should include a liability coverage for your pets including protection against dog bite liability if you claim, however, you could be faced with higher Insurance premiums or an exclusion to your existing policy. Some Insurance companies [...]

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How Much Will Your Homeowners Insurance Premium Increase if You File a Claim

The survey shows that even making one claim results in an average increase of around 9% on your annual home insurance bill. The study also found that the increases varied widely depending on which state you live in. Laura Adams one of the senior analysts for Insurance Quotes stated that claims history can [...]

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Flood Proof House California

Summary: A built flood proof house prototype for flood zones worldwide: a building that remains intact after a major flood, tsunami, or sea level increase. A sustainable kit of parts with a prefab steel frame and local cladding materials is designed for both local customization and global application. Plug-in adaptability: [...]

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Is Flood Insurance Compulsory in all US states

Homeowners also have the option to buy flood insurance policies from private insurance companies. Following the new legislation governing the National flood insurance program Flooding and Flood Insurance has become a hot topic in America with many owners facing unaffordable rises in their insurance policies. Previously the National Insurance Flood Program subsidized [...]

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How to file a complaint about an Insurance Claim

The Departments of Insurance are in place to regulate insurance companies and protect consumers - they are there to help you if you cannot resolve your dispute directly with your Insurance provider. The complaints procedure is very similar in each State and information can be found on the state department of insurance [...]

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