You may not be able to afford a sophisticated monitored alarm system from a company with instant response but there are still ways you can deter burglars from targeting your home:

Install a DIY Alarm System

DIY basic security systems with a keypad, door sensors etc can be purchased from only $25. You can purchase a DIY security system for as little as $25 online. Depending on your budget you can also add on window sensors, motion sensors, cameras etc. These systems will not provide you with assistance as with the service provided by a home alarm company it will however, give you some peace of mind that if your home is broken into when you are out the alarm will alert your neighbors who will call the police.

Deadbolt  Doors

Statistics show that 34% of intruders enter through the front door and another 22% enter through the backdoor?

A good place to burglar proof your home is to change your doors to heavy duty security doors or if this is too expensive add a deadbolt. These are cheap and readily available from local stores.

Blinds & Curtains

Most burglars case a house before they break in, if your windows are covered with blinds or curtains they are unable to see inside and will not be able to determine if you have anything inside worth stealing.

Secure Sliding Doors

Place a wooden pole in the track frame of sliding doors to prevent them from being opened. Fit a sliding door security lock available at most DIY and hardware stores.

Garage Door Timer

Make sure you always close and lock the garage door and in case you or anyone in the family forgets you should install a garage door timer.

Install a Safe

Small safes are available from around $40 – you can bolt it to the floor or hide it inside a cupboard, ideal for storing cash, jewelry, documents, bank cards etc.

Spiky Plants

Plant spiky, thorned plants close to windows and doors and make sure there are no obvious places in the garden where burglars can hide.  If there are, install an automatic motion light outside the house.

Buy a Dog

A barking dog will always be a deterrent to burglars and  the right guard dog will offer you an early warning of any intruder entering your home.

Make sure your home insurance policy offers you adequate cover for theft of your valuable items