The APPA National Pet Owners Survey For 2013-2014

The survey reveals that 68% of US homeowners have at least one pet this equates to over 82 million homes. The amount of money US homeowners spend on their pets has risen rapidly year on year from 17 million in 1997 to over 55 billion in 2013.
In 2013 pet owners were hit with routine and emergency veterinarian bills of over 26 million dollars and increasingly homeowners are buying pet insurance to cover unexpected medical care and ongoing treatments for their beloved animals. In the past home and pet insurance meant two different policies but now some insurers are offering combined home and pet insurance.


Buying a combined home and pet insurance policy can often be cheaper than buying two separated policies from different insurance companies.


Sometimes referred to as “bundling your insurance policies” combining home and pet insurance can save you thousands of dollars as many of the big insurance companies want long term customers who will stay with them year after year and they are able to offer a more competitive price to customers who buy more than one insurance policy from there company at a time. The same is true if you also buy your car, life and medical insurance from the same company – the more you buy the bigger discounts you will be offered!

Dangerous Dogs

For dog owners however you need to be aware that many insurers will not cover a dog that is listed as a dangerous dog breed this is because dog bites cost the insurance industry almost 500million dollars in claims. Recently some homeowners have been refused any home owner insurance if their pet is classed as a dangerous breed.

There are however companies who will underwrite pet insurance for dangerous dogs have a look at our dangerous dog list to see if your pet is listed.

Exotic Pets

Exotic pets are also usually not covered with standard home and pet insurance and owners will need to seek out specialist insurance company who deals with exotic fish, birds, reptiles, monkeys or any other “exotic” animals. (Equine insurance requires a separate policy)

Number of Pets Owned in 2012 in the U.S. (millions)

1 Freshwater Fish 145.0 million
2 Cats 95.6 million
3 Dogs 83.3 million
4 Birds 20.6 million
5 Small Animals 18.1 million
6 Saltwater Fish 13.6 million
7 Reptiles 11.5 million
8 Horse 8.3 million