The US Insurance Information Institute has reported that in 2012 claims for dog bites cost the Insurance Industry around 489 million dollars a figure that is up over fifty percent since 2003.

Bitten as a young child, Kathy Voigt (president of Prevent The Bite) states “Dog bites are the ninth leading cause of unintentional non fatal injury to children ages five to nine… more than 2 million children are bitten by dogs every year, and most bites are from their own dog or a dog they know well.

Unfortunately the vast majority of bites to smaller children are on their face and head.

According to the Insurance Information Institute the most expensive claims are ones involving young children that are disfigured by a bite and while most home insurance policies provide a liability coverage if the claim exceeds the limit the dog owner is responsible of all costs above the limit.

In our litigious society dog owners are highly recommended by insurance experts to get a separate Pet Insurance policy that will cover at least one million dollars in claims to protect their assets should their dog bite or cause injury.