File a complaint with your State Department of Insurance

Each US State has a Department of Insurance who are responsible for governing and regulating Insurance companies. If you have a complaint against your Insurance Provider and feel your claim has not been handled correctly you have a right to file a complaint with your state’s Department of Insurance.

The Departments of Insurance are in place to regulate insurance companies and protect consumers – they are there to help you if you cannot resolve your dispute directly with your Insurance provider.

The complaints procedure is very similar in each State and information can be found on the state department of insurance websites or you can phone for information on the Insurance claim complaint process.

They will handle most insurance complaints including home insurance, health insurance, medical, business, pet insurance, car, credit etc. Common complaints include claim denial disputes, sales misrepresentation, cancellation of your policy, refunds, premiums etc.

We have provided details and the website links to all the State Insurance Departments on our State insurance departments information


  • Prior to any claim; make sure you have read your policy and you know exactly what your policy covers and also what is excluded.
  • Prior to any loss keep the inventory of your home or business contents updated with regular photo, video records.
  • When communicating with your insurer keep a record of dates, times and the person you speak to as well as details of the conversation.
  • Keep copies of all correspondence between you and the Insurer including copies of documents, letters you send to them.
  • Prior to any loss keep the inventory of your home or business contents updated with regular photo, video records.
  • Keep all receipts for repairs you make to your property after damage.
  • If replacing a damaged item or making repairs after any damage make sure you keep receipts for repairs also keep the damaged item for the claims adjuster.
  • Take lots photographs and or videos of the damage from several different angles make sure you also take some close up shots as well.
  • Do not make permanent repairs before the claims adjuster has inspected the damage.
  • Ask for a detailed and itemized explanation of the settlement offer.
  • If there is a dispute over the settlement the more documentation, photographs, videos, receipts and evidence you have on your lost items will make settling the claim substantially easier.
  • Your State department of Insurance does not have legal authority to force your Insurance provider to settle a dispute or pay a claim, if you are still unable to settle your dispute you may need to engage the services of an Attorney.

When choosing an Attorney make sure they are experienced in handling Insurance dispute claims or specialize in a particular area of Insurance litigation.

An Attorney will ask you for all of the relevant documentation relating to your complaint. An insurance dispute lawyer will advise you on how they can assist you with your claim and also your chances of reaching a favorable settlement with your insurance company.

Hopefully this article has helped you on how to file a complaint about an insurance claim.