Listed below are some of the most Important Questions to ask when choosing a policy:

  1. What does the plan cover?
  2. Are there any age restrictions?
  3. Does the premium increase every year?
  4. How much is the excess?
  5. Is there any exclusions in the policy?
  6. Do you have to pay and claim back the cost?
  7. Can you use any vet or only approved vets?
  8. How is the claim reimbursement determined?
  9. How long do you have to wait for your claim to be paid out?
  10. Is the insurance provider licensed to sell pet insurance in your state?
  11. Is the policy transferable if you move to another state?
  12. Does the insurance company have a good reputation for reimbursement?

As with all Insurance policies it is very important you research the company and the policy thoroughly before parting with any money. Professional reputable companies will have no problem providing answers to all of the above questions.