Having rental property is a very good investment, however, you must protect your assets with an excellent policy that suits your exact needs.

It is imperative that both you and your property are fully covered when choosing a landlords Insurance Policy.
Being a landlord has many pitfalls and to protect yourself against these, you need to have an insurance policy that is tailored specifically to protect your rental properties.  A Landlord Protection Policy gives you a wide variety of protection so when purchasing the insurance cover make sure you include everything you need.  Insurers will only be happy to help and will guide you in the right direction at all times as they are the ones that will be protecting you!

As a Landlord it is absolutely essential you protect your property against all types of damages, rent loss and personal and public liability claims.

Landlord’s Rental Dwelling Insurance for Multi rental properties.

A Landlord Insurance Policy also know as a Rental Property Insurance Policy or a Dwelling Fire Policy protects owners of rental properties for the following:

  • Building structure
  • Loss of Rental income if the property becomes uninhabitable due to a covered event i.e.fire, flood, storm damage.
  • Personal Liability Coverage
  • Other private structures, such as a garage or shed
  • Any personal property, appliances, furniture, tools etc provided by you, for use by the tenants
  • Others as described by your chosen Insurance company.

Landlord’s Rental Condominium Insurance

If you are renting your own Condo or home you will also require a Landlords insurance policy to cover you for all of the above.  Don’t just risk it or you could end up losing your home!