Facebook boasts more than 1 billion monthly users.

New research, released by e-marketer, reveals that around 10% or 100million of these 'active' users are in fact not even human they are pets or brands!

Even Mark Zuckerbergs dog “BEAST”has its own Facebook page with 1.63million followers.

CNN reported back in 2010 that there were “at least a few thousand profile pages for dogs and cats along with less common pets such as birds, hamsters, ferrets, turtles, fish and rabbits”. Now it appears this trend extends to millions upon millions of face book pages and while Facebook themselves estimated that around 1.5% of all accounts were “undesirable” or not human; researchers report that there are profiles for every type of animal you can imagine including ferrets, snakes, rats as well as pages for toasters, irons and chairs!?
As Facebook sells advertising based on its enormous reach, the accuracy of the number of members is normally key to most advertising companies and some of clients are making disgruntled noises about paying for marketing to over 100 million non human users including Mark Zuckerbergs dog.

While the number of pets joining facebook is increasing steadily, the number of human users, it appears, is declining: The Guardian reported in April that “In the last month, the world’s largest social network has lost 6 million US visitors, a 4% fall, according to analysts firm Social Bakers. In the UK, 1.4 million fewer users checked in last month, a fall of 4.5%.  These declines are sustained. In the last six months, Facebook has lost nearly 9 million monthly visitors in the United States and 2 million in the United Kingdom”. If this trend continues Facebook could face a meltdown and even the Media mogul Rupert Murdoch issued a warning to Facebook earlier this year tweeting ” lookout Facebook! Hours spent participating per member dropping seriously. First really bad sign as seen by crappy myspace years ago!”


Mark Zuckerbergs dog is a Puli which is a Hungarian Sheepdog.

Read more about the Puli here.