Alarmingly over the last few years there has been a growing trend particularly in the USA for Pet Owners to choose elective cosmetic plastic surgery treatments to enhance their pets looks!


It appears that pampered pets are now being ‘treated’ to a number of beautifying cosmetic procedures. A report in the plastic Surgeon Journal, revealed that more and more plastic surgeons are performing popular human procedures on pets and that an increasing number of which are purely aesthetic!

Medically necessary?

While cosmetic surgeries on pets involving corrective procedures such as eyelifts to correct common conditions like entropion (turned in eyelids causing pain and discomfort) and nose jobs to relieve breathing problems, are ‘medically necessary’; surgeons in the USA and Brazil are offering purely cosmetic procedures to enhance the animals general appearance at the request of the pet owner.

Self esteem?

Common surgical Procedures include, Tummy Tucks, Botox, correcting Floppy Ears, straightening Wonky Teeth with a pet brace, cosmetic dentistry and the crown jewels of all “Neuticles”. Invented in the 1980´s Neuticle implants or ‘false testicles’ are for pet owners who want to keep their pets ‘masculine’ looks and allow their pet to maintain his ‘self esteem’!


The USA has an obsession with pets…

The pet industry is now worth billions of dollars, for some pet lovers there is no limit on the amount of money they will spend on their pet. Paris Hilton allegedly paid a mind boggling $320,000 for a luxury miniature house for her dogs.

Complete with Philippe Stark designer furniture Hiltons pampered pet home is fully equipped with air-conditioning, heating and every dogs dream -a black crystal chandelier! Paris tweeted pictures of her new pet home in the midst of the housing crisis when many U.S. citizens were struggling to keep a roof over their family?

In the doghouse!