Dwelling coverage is included in your homeowners insurance and refers to...

the structure of your main house and also any attached structures like a garage, shed, swimming pool, an attached deck, barn, guest house or balcony. The amount of dwelling coverage you purchase should be enough to rebuild your home and any additional structures should your home be completely destroyed by a covered peril.

Other Structures Insurance

Dwelling insurance is one component of a homeowners insurance policy – the amount of Dwelling Coverage in your homeowners insurance policy is very important as other covered items are usually based on a % of the total amount of dwelling coverage.

What is dwelling coverage for? Well, for example a standard home insurance policy will normally provide 10% of the total dwelling coverage to rebuild additional structures on your property that have been be damaged by a covered peril. For example if  the total dwelling cover for your home is $500,000 your policy would include $50,000 for other structures.

Personal Property Insurance

The contents within the dwelling are classed as personal property and include appliances, furnishings, clothing etc. Personal property insurance provides cover to the homeowner should the personal property be damaged, stolen or destroyed. Like other structures insurance the amount of cover is often linked to the total cover included in the Dwelling insurance.

Loss of Use Insurance

If the dwelling becomes uninhabitable due to a covered peril and you are unable to use it, loss of use insurance helps cover the costs of living somewhere other than the dwelling. For example if your dwelling burns down and you need to rent another property Loss of use insurance will help cover the rent and any other related costs during the time it takes to repair or replace your normal dwelling.