Will Robots replace pets in the future?

Robotics has moved forward at an extraordinary pace over the last few years and while Robots are still very limited in their abilities and scientists have not yet managed to create Artificial Intelligent robots rivaling Star Wars C-3PO and R2-D2, increasingly new robotic “pets” are being launched onto the market.

Currently robotic pets available for purchase are more toys or gadgets than pets and we are unlikely to abandon faithful fido for tekno the robot puppy anytime soon but robotic pets are becoming more and more realistic with animal like fur, characteristics, sounds, and ability to learn certain simple commands.

Wowwee toy company have launched a new range of robo animal toy pets including: Dogs, cats, polar bears, baby seals and tiger cubs.

Pleo the robotic dino pup grows and learns to relate to his individual owners life style. He can interact with his immediate environment using sight, sound and touch and is also responsive to touch and will cry out if he doesn’t like something.
Owners already say they love their Pelo robot the same as if he were a real pet?

Japan Trend Shop has sold out of Sega Toys frighteningly realistic robotic cat “Dream Venus” which features meowing and purring.

Like Pleo, Dream Venus has touch sensors that allow it to engage in life like behavior, move its legs, blink and roll on its back. Sega say the robo cat has been designed for children aged 4 and upward and also for people who like cats but are unable to have them as pets due to allergies.
The pursuit of more advanced “intelligent” robots will certainly bring along a new “breed” of pet like robots but if these robotic animals will replace pets remains to be seen.