And the list of exclusions is according to Geologist Hobart King almost identical to the table of contents of an environmental geology textbook. There was no coverage for landslides, floods, mine subsidence, mud slides, mud flows, volcanic eruptions, surface water, sewage and a long list of other problems!

Very Misleading

In an interesting article published on Geology.com King finds the “all perils insurance” very misleading and feels that home owners should be made aware of these exclusions and given the option to choose “named perils” or be offered a “real “all Perils” policy for a higher price” rather than discover they are not covered after a catastrophic event. More importantly he adds they should check the state geological surveys prior to purchasing a home and have a full understanding of the risks of the area they are looking at.

Home Owners Insurance Policies including Flood Insurance, Earthquake Insurance, Subsidence Insurance Policies and also landslide cover are available at an extra cost and information on high risk areas is readily available from government reports:


Floods can cause thousands and thousands of dollars in damage. Standard Home Owners Insurance will not cover flood damage if you are in a moderate to High risk flood area. This week Fox news reported that for Home owners in high risk areas, Flood Insurance is the best way to protect yourself against damages and loss.

If you live in a high risk Flood area Flood insurance is essential and premiums will be more expensive but it is highly recommended for your protection and peace of mind. If you have obtained a mortgage via a federally regulated or insured lender you are legally required to purchase a flood insurance policy to protect your home.

2013 Changes to the National Flood Insurance Program could see Home owners in high risk areas paying higher rates to protect their home against flooding for those owners effected this could meant thousands extra in home insurance premiums – please check our National Flood Insurance News page for updates and information on these changes and who to contact for help.

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As with all types of home insurance policies most standard Home Insurance Policies do not cover Earthquakes but it can be added as another endorsement or a separate policy. Before choosing an Earthquake Insurance Policy you need to research facts about the risk in your area, how much you should insure your house for, different levels of insurance and also the best companies offering Insurance for Earthquakes. We advise you to make sure you are fully aware of any exclusion detailed in your Earthquake Insurance Policy.

Earthquake Insurance in California:

California passed legislation in 1996 creating the California Earthquake Authority (CEA). The CEA is a state-managed authority that offers an earthquake policy to California home owners. Discounts are availalble on earthquake policies if owners upgrade their homes to fit the current earthquake standards. Details of what is required in terms of upgrades to your home so you qualify for a discount in your insurance premiums are available from the CEA.

To make sure you are getting the right policy for you it is a good idea to contact and compare policies from Insurance companies that underwrite only earthquake insurance.

Hurricane Insurance Cover

The US is prone to Hurricanes and if you live or own property in a hurricane high risk area you need to make sure you are sufficiently covered against both storm damage and flood damage. A standard hurricane insurance policy may only cover wind damage not flood damage it is very important you check the exclusions of any policy to make sure your home is adequately protected. If you are searching for a new home it is a good idea to check if it is known to be a designated or high risk flood zone. You can search areas highlighted by the US government as designated flood zones here: US flood map here:

High Risk area for Hurricanes in alphabetical order:

  • Cape Hatteras, North Carolina
  • Coastal Mississippi
  • Eastern Long Island, New York
  • Florida Keys
  • Galveston, Houston, Texas
  • Lake Okeechobee, Florida
  • Miami Ft Lauderdale, Florida
  • New Orleans, Louisiana
  • Tampa, st Petersburg, Florida
  • Wilmington, North Carolina

Insurance premiums will vary as will the level of cover available it is important to carefully research and compare both the Insurance Companies and the policies offered to make sure you are getting the right Insurance cover at the right price to protect your home.